Transcription Services

PACE Interviews

Local authorities and legal firms alike trust us to provide them with regular accurate, verbatim transcriptions for their most important documents – which can then be used as evidence in court proceedings.

We transcribe highly sensitive interviews carried out under Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 conditions, including child protection cases. Our team is trained in dealing with this type of material and we can be relied on to produce an accurate transcription of everything that was said. We can even transcribe from a DVD and record any actions or non-verbal speech events as well as the spoken word.

For PACE interviews, we transcribe in a verbatim style, leaving all speech, including the things we might edit out for other work such as repetitions, unnecessary interjections or hesitations.

We can transcribe from a tape, a CD or a DVD, received by post or you can upload audio files to our website using our secure data transfer. All completed files are returned either via the website or as a password-encrypted email, ensuring total confidentiality for any sensitive documents.

For more details of our confidential service, call us on 0131 510 5105 or complete the online enquiry form.