Public Inquiries

Transcriptions of public inquiries are often needed urgently – we can provide a fast, professional turnaround for you and your clients.
We have an experienced team of transcriptionists on hand to transcribe a meeting of any length, with any number of attendees. We take great care to ensure that the most suitable person is assigned to every project, so that you always get an excellent quality transcript produced by someone with an understanding of industry-specific terms which may be used during the course of the meeting.
Our software gives us the ability to produce verbatim transcriptions of any type of meeting quickly and accurately, and to pick out each individual speaker. We can also edit out unnecessary pauses, repetitions and interjections if you prefer.
Just upload your audio files to our secure system and we’ll get the work back to you as urgently as you need it.
Call us for an informal chat about the ways in which we can help your organisation.