Transcription Services


We know how important it is that any recorded minutes of meetings are accurately transcribed, and we understand that they are often needed urgently.

Our team is experienced in providing accurate transcriptions for different types of meeting – so whether you need a record of a recent public inquiry or consultation, an AGM or board meeting, you can rely on us to transcribe it quickly and efficiently. We also offer an impartial and independent transcript of your meeting.

We can transcribe a meeting involving a large group of people, making sure that we use the correct terminology and identify individual speakers accurately. We create glossaries of industry-specific terms to help us as we work, and we also choose the transcriptionist for each meeting carefully, using the most suitable person for each project so that we get the best possible result.

We use industry-specific software to provide verbatim transcriptions where everything is transcribed exactly as it was said, or we can use an intelligent verbatim style to edit out anything that’s not necessary.

Contact us for an informal chat on 0131 510 5105 or complete the online enquiry form.