Transcription Services

Human Resources

HR companies and HR departments within businesses are increasingly turning to us to help them with the high volume of transcriptions they need.

1st Class is ideal when you’re looking for somebody to transcribe sensitive and confidential meetings and interviews; our extensive experience and professional reputation mean that we’re seen by all concerned as being impartial and we're trusted to produce an accurate record of everything that was said.

We can transcribe meetings, telephone interviews and disciplinary hearings with all the hesitations, repetitions and unnecessary interjections edited out. Or we can provide a verbatim transcription where everything is left in exactly as it was said, pauses and all.

We are also able to use the audio recording to provide minutes of the meeting, rather than a word for word transcription.

Recruitment agencies and HR departments also use our services when pre-screening potential candidates by telephone before a formal interview. Being able to outsource time-consuming transcriptions to us helps save time and unnecessary stress.

Why not call us on 0131 510 5105 for more information and an informal chat about your requirements, or complete the online enquiry form.