Lecture Presentations

We can support you with both large and small projects, including one-off lecture transcriptions that you really don’t have the time to do yourself. Trust your presentations to our professional team and we will return them to you quickly and accurately.

When you need to have your lectures transcribed, we aim to provide a friendly, professional service. We work with many academic institutions across the UK and around the world to provide quality transcriptions, and we offer special rates for academic work too.

We discuss each project with you in detail before we get started, so that we can match the project to the best team member for the job. We also research subjects thoroughly so that we can create a useful glossary for each project. We’ve found that this gives us a better understanding of the subject matter we’re transcribing, which makes it easier for us, and it also means that your transcription is likely to be more accurate and complete.

Contact us for an informal chat about your requirements.