Turnaround Times

We offer 5 different guaranteed turnarounds, with a longer turnaround option when the budget is tight.

Please note that the shorter turnaround times are heavily dependent on the length and quality of the recording, as well as the number of speakers on the recording..

24 Hour Service

Same day premium service
high urgency

48 Hour Service

Turnaround time for
larger files with
less urgent need

5 Day Service

Our most common service,
turned around
with a lower price

10 Day Service

Our standard service, good for research and focus group work

15 Day Service

This turnaround is not guaranteed but is an excellent option if you're working to a tight budget

We cannot state strongly enough that the quality of the recording is a key factor in being able to consider fast turnaround services. The complexity of the recording (i.e. Focus group, number of speakers and accents) can also lead to delays. We urge you to factor these in when submitting your recording for transcription.